Three ways to get full, groomed brows: fake them, grow them or tint them. 

By Family Circle Editors
Photo by Jessica Antola

Fake It

First, even out the length of your brows by tweezing a few stray hairs from each tail, says brow expert Sania Vucetaj of Sania’s Brow Bar in New York City. Then fill with a pencil or colored gel wand in a shade that’s closest to your own. Place your ring finger just above the arch of your brow, gently pull skin up and apply color using light upward strokes following your brow shape. To blend color for a natural finish, run a spoolie brush through brows.


Get Growing

Apply a brow serum daily to grow hairs and strengthen existing ones, says Joey Healy, celebrity eyebrow specialist. (Use a serum with peptides to thicken brows by stimulating hair follicles.) You’ll see results after eight weeks of consistent use. Apply it to the whole brow rather than spot-treating just the measly areas. Another option is Latisse, the lash-growth serum. It’s an off-label use but has shown great thickening results. You’ll need a prescription, so talk to your doctor.

Dye Job 

Tinting is a great option for anyone with light brows or pesky grays, Healy says. It’s an in-salon treatment where dye is applied to the hairs (not skin) for five to ten minutes, with results that last four to six weeks. If you want results that last six months to a year, consider the admittedly more expensive process of microblading: A technician uses a super-skinny blade to embed semi-permanent pigment in your eyebrows, mimicking the look of natural hairs.

Products that help


Tweezerman Rose Gold Slant Tweezer,, $23

Photo courtesy of Tweezerman


Pencil: Sania’s Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil (with spoolie brush),, $30

Photo courtesy of Sania's


Gel: L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel,, $17

Photo courtesy of L’Oréal 


Joey Healy Brow Renovation Serum,, $125

Photo courtesy of Joey Healy