3 Gorgeous Ways to Style Bangs

Get straight, side-swept, or wispy bangs using these fuss-free tips from Jasellynne, the go-to stylist for gorgeous bangs at NYC's Antonio Prieto Salon.

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Before you get started, always remember to begin with wet — not damp — bangs. Once they start air-drying, they're harder to style.

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Straight Across Bangs


Comb out wet bangs. Focus heat from above with a blow-dryer fitted with nozzle and use a paddle brush to pull bangs to the right for five seconds, then to the left. Repeat going back and forth until bangs are completely dry. To nix flyaways, finish by holding the brush underneath with dryer set on cool.

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Side-Swept Bangs


Wrap bangs around a 2.5-inch round brush and pull away from the side you wear them (i.e., if yours go to the right, start by drying to the left.) Move dryer side to side from above for 10 seconds as you smooth strands. Then bring pieces over in half-inch sections. Pin in place while they cool to hold shape.

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Wispy Bangs


Point dryer straight down over bangs. Move it back and forth from side to side while combing through to make sure they don't dry flat against your forehead. When hair is almost dry, use your fingers to tug down and control stubborn pieces. Apply a drop of lightweight pomade to ends.

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Nexxus Volume Effexx Round Brush


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J&D Pastel Bone Tail Comb


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Originally published in the March 2010 issue of Family Circle magazine.

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