It’s a model! It’s a mom! No—it’s Molly Sims, the Supermodel Mom.

By Daley Quinn

The leggy, legendary model and actor Molly Sims has been an icon of American girl-next-door beauty since the early ’90s. After a quick Google image search of Sims’ career, it’s hard to decipher which pics are recent and which are from 20 years ago—she doesn’t seem to age! We’ve learned a thing (or five) on how Sims manages to stay pretty, strong and a hands-on Mom.

1.     Less is more: When it comes to looking ageless, Sims steers clear of powders. “You’ll end up creasing more,” she says. Her go-to look is all about cream formulas. “I love to throw on a cream blush, a barely there lid and a bright pop of color on my lips, like a hot pink or red—and that’s it!”

2.     Honesty is the best Moll-icy: “I work my butt off, literally, to stay in shape, but I also believe in being honest with women about how I got rid of my little post-pregnancy pooch.” A spokesperson for CoolSculpting, the noninvasive fat reduction procedure, Sims successfully slid back into her goal jeans after the treatment and is proud to share her story with anyone who asks.

3.     iCal is your friend: Sims’ secret to success is right at her fingertips. “I schedule everything into my calendar—workouts, playtime with the kids, dinner, everything,” she admits. “I know it sounds crazy, but it keeps me focused and on track.”

4.     Teamwork makes the dream work: Sims works out four to five days a week, but doesn’t sweat alone. “I exercise a lot with my baby—she’s 21 pounds,” she says. “We do lunges, arm work, tons of sit-ups and we love to dance! I just carry her and move for 50 minutes straight while wearing weights on my arms and legs.”

5.     Balance is key: When it comes to life mottos, Sims sticks to “work hard, play hard [with your kids]!” When trying to juggle it all, Sims advises every mom to fully engage with her kids when it’s their time for fun—that means no cell phones! While playtime might be only 20 minutes a day, or 20 minutes every three days, Sims says, “It’s really important to make the most out of that time, with no distractions.”