Nothing says “I’m taking care of me” like a bath (as long as your partner and kids respect the closed door!). Follow these tips from Erica Vega of Lush Cosmetics—the bath bomb masters—to make your time in the tub as relaxing as possible. #selfcaresunday

By Family Circle Editors
Photo by Brittany Viklund

Pro Tips:

Before you hop in, lay out any items you will need afterward so you’re not rummaging around and breaking the mood, suggests Vega. Use your softest towels and have clean pajamas or your favorite robe at the ready. 

Create a beginning and end to your routine, whether that’s by lighting and blowing out candles, meditating, playing music or burning the same incense every time. When you’re mindful about these steps, you create a spa-like environment without leaving home.


While a comfortable bath temperature varies from person to person, don’t take the temperature past hot. Scalding water can make you overheat, says Vega, which can make you feel faint and weak when you get out. 

Give yourself at least 10 minutes to allow muscles to relax and your mind to unwind. But it’s best to wrap things up before your fingers and toes start to get pruny: That means you’re losing sebum, your skin’s natural lubricant. 

Adding essential oils or scented bath products to the water can help you relax—try soothing lavender, says Vega, or uplifting lemongrass.

Evening baths help you unwind and get to sleep faster. Hold on to the calm by taking a break from your phone. Make a me-time soak a true reset for your mind.

Soak in Better Health

Put a stop to the sniffles by adding eucalyptus or peppermint oils to your bath. Just inhale the steam to clear congestion. 

Soak away sore muscles with mineral-rich seaweed or sea salt. Both are traditionally known to ease aching limbs. 

Soothe troubled skin with the addition of calming ingredients like oat milk or rose oil. If skin is super sensitive or easily irritated, be extra careful to keep the water warm, not hot.