So long baby bottles, hello puberty. It's a brave new world when your kid enters the teen and tween years. Here's practical expert parenting advice on how to have the sex talk, navigate teen driving, plan for college and tackle every other problem that you have (or haven't) thought of.

feeding your teen is cardio

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Teen 10 Truths About Raising Multiple Teens at the Same Time

Parenting teens is one of the hardest jobs out there. Here's a look at some of the lighter—and surprising—truths about parenting three teens at once.

By Katie Bingham-Smith
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Celebs Complete the Dance or Donate Challenge

Dance or Donate is the latest social trend taking over our feeds, and we’re super impressed by all of the buzz the chari...

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World Emoji Day: Do You Know What These Emojis Mean?

Emojis are fun but it can be difficult to decipher their exact meanings within different contexts and nuances. Here are ...

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This Summer’s YA Standout Books for Your Teens

If the YA book scene of our 1980s youth was the literary equivalent of a rack of Twinkies and Doritos (think Sweet Valle...

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Watch These Students Discuss Their Transition From High School to College

As parents of teens know, the struggle for college-bound students can be challenging. Here's an insightful discussion be...

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