So long baby bottles, hello puberty. It's a brave new world when your kid enters the teen and tween years. Here's practical expert parenting advice on how to have the sex talk, navigate teen driving, plan for college and tackle every other problem that you have (or haven't) thought of.

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Family Fun

Get Your Vehicle Spotless Right in the Driveway

Sure, running the car through the local Super Suds will get you the quick wash you need before your mother-in-law pointe...

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Family time drawing

Family Fun

Finding Family Time in the Car

When schedules get in the way of dinner, bond with your kids in transit.

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How to Talk About (Even Embrace) Our Kids' Plugged-in Lives

Screen time is the latest parental obsession. But experts say there are ways to stop worrying

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Teen budget spending
Portland Air Tram
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The Teen Years Are Making Me Feel the Baby Blues

As my kids are entering adolescence, I’m feeling my postpartum depression symptoms resurfacing.

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