So long baby bottles, hello puberty. It's a brave new world when your kid enters the teen and tween years. Here's practical expert parenting advice on how to have the sex talk, navigate teen driving, plan for college and tackle every other problem that you have (or haven't) thought of.

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Real Talk From Teens

We talked to teens to learn more about their moms—from the most awesome to the most embarrassing things they do.

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graduation party ideas

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High School Graduation Party Ideas for 2019

Your not-so-little baby survived Algebra II (it was touch-and-go there for a minute) and finally landed a high school di...

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Family Fun

Less Stress, More Success: Essential Back to School Apps for Parents

Easier parent-teacher communication and planning are at your fingertips with these new and improved back to school apps. ...

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Family Fun

20 Back to School Tips from Teachers

Whether your kids are in elementary, middle or high school, these simple back to school tips from teachers will set them ...

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How to Deal with Procrastination Pushback

Beat the "I'll do it later" excuse for good.

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One Less Thing to Stress About: Screen Time

The notion of screen time is outdated, and so is the mandate to constantly watch the clock.

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Cash In

Crowdfunding is the newest, easiest way to raise dough for your kid's school, community group or athletic team. Her...

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Tips for Navigating Driving with Your Teen

A teen behind the wheel can make even a relatively easygoing parent freak out. For your sanity's sake, take the hig...

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The Challenges of Raising Special Needs Children

It takes a sensitive village to raise a special needs kid—here's how all of us can help.

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Parents’ Puberty Questions—Answered

We covered everything from first bras to pimples in our guide for moms of tweens and teens. But there’s so much more to ...

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Modern LIfe: A Single Mom Shares Her Story

Kelly Flynn on becoming a single mom, by choice, at 42.

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Gear Up for the New SAT with Free Prep Courses

It's time to ditch those pricey SAT prep strategies. These new, free tools were designed to offer equal opportunity ...

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