So long baby bottles, hello puberty. It's a brave new world when your kid enters the teen and tween years. Here's practical expert parenting advice on how to have the sex talk, navigate teen driving, plan for college and tackle every other problem that you have (or haven't) thought of.

Teen using phone in class

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The Pros & Cons of Phones in School

With more cellphones pouring onto school campuses, parents' minds can be overrun by questions, including the biggest one...

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fake news

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How to Teach Children to Think Critically and Recognize Fake News

Living as we do in a world of dark allegations, snarky social media posts and flat-out fake news, teaching kids to think ...

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school shooting vigil

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How to Talk to Kids About Gun Violence

Sadly, deadly and devastating mass shootings continue to dominate the headlines. How can you share the news about gun vi...

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The Best Debit Cards for Teens

Learn the pros and cons of both prepaid and checking account debit cards before deciding what’s best for your family.

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girls shopping

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Teen Shoplifting: Causes and Consequences

Teen shoplifting is more common than you might think. And the consequences are far harsher and longer-lasting than you c...

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Too Cruel for School: The Rise of Bullying

Intimidation, harassment, threats, abuse. Bullying among students has reached epidemic proportions, and it's taking ...

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5 Tips for Parents of Teens with a Chronic Health Condition

Having a chronic illness like asthma, anxiety or diabetes can be embarrassing for teens. Here's how they can avoid stand...

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Vaping on the Rise Among Teens

E-cigarettes aren't benign, but teen usage is on the rise anyway.

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Liz Pryor


The One Issue Parents Can't Help Their Teens Overcome

Liz Pryor shares how heartbreaking it is to watch your teen end up in this tough position—and being entirely incapable o...

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