Board Games 2.0

Classic board games will never go out of style, but these famous titles have gotten a facelift for the 21st century.

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Monopoly: Revolution Edition


Prices and prizes have been adjusted for inflation—collect $2 million for passing "Go" instead of $200. An electronic ATM uses debit cards instead of paper cash. $34.99

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Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice


A programmable device stores up to 2,400 pre-loaded and customized questions. Test your teens' expertise in categories like Stage Musicals and Scientific Experiments. $49.99

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The Game of Life Twists and Turns


Abandon traditional notions of 1950s success (like having kids or owning a home). Instead, attend college and become a powerhouse career woman. Swipe a faux VISA into the automated "lifepod" to manage your money—and your world. $34.99

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Clue Secrets & Spies


New twists include undercover identities and covert missions. Text "SPY" from your cell phone to Hasbro and receive messages that could improve—or inhibit—your ability to expose the truth. $24.99

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Uno Flash


Strategists beware: Your skills are of no use here. After you play a card, an electronic device flashes randomly to indicate whose turn is next. $36.99

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