College applications, scholarships and interviews, oh my! Here's expert advice on how to navigate the college prep process.

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How to Stop Snowplow-Parenting Our College Kids

When we snowplow-parent our college-age kids, we’re undermining their chance to learn how to be adults.
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3 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Discussing Money with Their Teens

Your kid will soon enjoy one of the most expensive things she’s ever gotten—a year of college. And as you witness her spending $20 a day on lattes and Chipotle, you have to wonder: Does she have any idea what money is?
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What Campus Nurses Know (That You Should Too)

Yes, the kid who forgets to feed the dog is now responsible for keeping himself healthy and safe.
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Loads of Laundry Info and Hacks for Your College-Bound Teens

Rip out this page for your kid(s) when they’re off to college—or, let’s be real, just text a pic. Despite the laundry tutorial you gave, we’re willing to bet you’ll soon get at least one call along the lines of, “Mom, what do these dials on the machine mean again?”
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Back to School Advice for Parents

Your kid is starting high school or—swallow hard—college. Experts share their advice on helping them crush (or at least survive) the frosh challenges. Here’s the ultimate freshman orientation (for parents).
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Planning for College: 5 Tips for Your High School Student

College planning tips from Rob Franek, senior vice president and publisher of The Princeton Review.
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The Real Deal on College Tuition

New price calculating tools make college costs a little less of a mystery.  
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