Stylish Dorm Essentials

Now that they're leaving your nest, give your teens what they need to spruce up college life.

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Blanket Statement


Rest easy—these snuggly, under-$55 bedding sets can be rolled up and stashed in the included duffel bag for storage or transport. This feminine floral pattern has an airy feel. Turquoise and orange pop against manly charcoal gray.

Multi-Floral Bed in a Bag, from $45 for a twin set,

Your Zone Bed in a Bag, Vera Cruz, from $45 for a twin set,

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Chill Out


Move over, boring white minifridge—this boldly colored number has adjustable shelves and sufficient room to fit two-liter bottles. Cool idea! Available in purple, blue and red.

Black & Decker NuCool 1.7-cubic-foot compact fridge, $69,

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Life Saver


Sometimes in life it's the little things that matter most—and in the dorm, that can be a screwdriver, earplugs or even air freshener. And a Domino's Pizza gift certificate never hurts!

College Survival Kit, $49,

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Hamper Efforts


For a personalized touch, directions for doing laundry are printed right on the bag. However, there's no guarantee the bag won't come home filled with dirty clothes.

Laundry bag with printed instructions, $10,

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Carrying On


Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. Body wash? Check. Time to hit the shower. This multi-pocket, water-resistant caddy is a step up from an old-school hard plastic caddy.

Confetti Dot shower caddy, $12,

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Sparkle Plenty


Shiny star decals add personality to walls and the removable adhesive backings won't damage walls.

Star mirror wall decals 18-piece set, $20, Target

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It's About Time


This is a case when the numbers do add up—but no word as to whether actually being on time is part of the equation.

Pop Quiz clock, $27,

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Counting Sheets


At just $20 a set, you can afford to buy an extra set of jersey cotton sheets for switching off before laundry day. There's a color to complement any bedspread in this rainbow.

Easy-care micro-jersey sheets, $20,

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Photo Op


Interchangeable multi-photo frames is a smart way to dress up drab concrete walls.

PhotoTrax, $20,

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Take Charge


This clever little gadget makes it easy to power up in the tightest of spaces.

Drinn cell phone holder, $6,

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A Place for Everything


When space is tight, organization is key. This utilitarian six-piece kit includes a shoe rack, laundry bag, pop-up hamper, two storage drawers and a hanging shelf organizer.

Honey Can Do Back-to-School Home Organization Kit, $40,

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Shelf Esteem


This ledge fits onto the post of the top bunk bed and is perfect for holding a cell phone, alarm clock or, if you're lucky, maybe even a book or two.

Bunk bed shelf, $10,

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Under Cover


For everything that doesn't fit in their closet or desk.

Black & white damask underbed storage, $13,

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Personal Agenda


Help them organize their busy schedule with a dry-erase calendar that works year round.

Habitat monthly calendar, $16,

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The Write Stuff


They can tell the roommate "hands off" or scribble some funny messages between coffee refills.

Chalk board mug, $10,

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Electronic Overload


This colorful surge protector adds some flair to a dull necessity.

SmartSockets premium surge protector, Kensington, $39,

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Give them a spot for tacking up photos, concert tickets and even the occasional exam reminder.

Magnetic bulletin board, $15,

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Tech Help


They'll need a place to keep all the cords and chargers for their electronics.

Floral fabric storage boxes, from $13,

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Lighten Up


A funky table lamp brightens up a drab dorm room.

Fillsta table lamp, $20, Ikea stores

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Bright plastic hangers might inspire them to keep their clothes off the floor.

Primary tubular hangers,, 29 cents each

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Helping Hand


Dorm closets tend to be tiny. With six hooks, this rack adds extra space for towels, scarves and belts.

Over-the-door hooks, Oxo, $25,

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Gallery Time


Repositionable stickers make framing pictures of friends a cinch. Even better, the decals just peel off the wall on move-out day.

Stickr frames, $20/8,

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Chair Lift


Give them extra seating for when friends come over for a movie.

Snille visitor chair, $20, Ikea stores

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This 3-in-1 gadget multitasks almost as much as your student does.

iH22 PV alarm clock for iPod, iHome, $50,

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Surface Matters


Add an area for lounging and cover up gross dorm floors with a boy-approved striped rug.

Your Zone blue stripe shag rug, starts at $20, Walmart stores

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Foot Patrol


Make sure they're equipped with stylish flip-flops to brave those yucky dorm bathrooms.

Shower sandals, $5,

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Fresh Fins


For those lucky enough to get a semi-private bathroom, a fearsome (but fun) twist on the standard patterned shower curtain.

Jaws shower curtain, $20,

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Clean Team


Sure, you can give them a dustpan, but you can't make them use it.

Dust pan set, $2, Ikea stores

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