Great Graduation Gifts

Send your teens off to college in style and get them the latest dorm room staples, cooking shortcuts and fun surprises to keep them ahead of the curve.

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Glass Shadow Boxes


Personalize one of these elegant glass boxes with your grad's name so she'll have a special place to store her treasures.

From $24,

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Perfect for summer and a college campus, TOMS are comfy, casual, stylish and come in tons of great colors and patterns for both guys and gals. Better yet, your purchase buys two pairs of shoes—yours and one for a child in need.


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Mophie Juice Pack Reserve: iPhone and iPod


Playing games, texting friends and downloading countless apps can do a serious number on a smartphone's battery. Carry this charger on your keychain for on-the-go emergencies (the device itself gets charged once you plug it into your computer). Five percent of the proceeds will be contributed to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS.


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Out of Print Tote Bag


Gift your grad with this novel idea—a tote bag featuring the cover of his or her favorite classic novel. Choose from beloved books like Pride and Prejudice and The Great Gatsby.


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101 More Things to Do with Ramen Noodles


Infamous for being a student's go-to dorm food, ramen noodles hail simplicity and instant gratification. Make sure your kid's in the know and ready for late-night meals with 101 recipes to spice up the classic college favorite.


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Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels


Worried that once your teens go off to college they'll never wake up in time for class on their own? Don't stress—they can only hit the snooze button once before the alarm clock starts rolling out of reach, moving farther and farther away until it's turned off.


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"Where I've Been" Scratch Map Travel Edition


Is a backpacking trip through Europe or a cross-country trek on your kid's agenda this summer? This interactive journal is the perfect gift to keep track of all the memories they'll be making.


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Juicy Couture Fragrance Gift Set


Any girl's bound to feel special with this designer fragrance set, which includes two perfume sizes (perfect for traveling) and body lotion in a fruity, yet delicate scent.


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The Art of Shaving Starter Kit


Your son will look perfectly groomed with this starter kit of pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm and a badger shaving brush. All sure to impress the ladies.


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Moving into a freshman dorm can be an adjustment to say the least. Bedphones are the ideal solution for roommates on opposite schedules. They're specifically designed for sleeping—foam-covered speakers that lie flat against ears are less than 1/4 inch thick. Bonus: A satin eye mask and travel case are included and there's an additional free app they can download that turns the music off when they fall asleep.


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Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger


This super-light and durable messenger bag is great for day-to-day use running around campus—or zip it up into a small pouch and drop it in your bag for when you need an extra.


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EarthLust Graphic Collection Bottles


Taking steps to help better the environment just got easier with water bottles made from recyclable food-grade stainless steel available in vibrant patterns and three sizes.

From $16,

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Lap Desk


To make days staying in bed more productive, a cute and soft lap desk with a fun chevron print is ideal for writing and typing on. As a bonus, 20% of the purchase goes to the charity of your choice.


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Power Strip


Grads will never lose sight of charging all of their many tech products with this catchy power strip.


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Baggu Laptop Case


A cotton canvas sleeve lined with recycled fleece protects a laptop and makes for easy travel.


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Bodum Electric Kettle


For instant coffee and tea or noodles and oatmeal on the go, an electric kettle is a dorm room standard for mealtime that's convenient and safe. Energy is saved by only the needed amount of water being boiled. The kettle automatically shuts off when it's done.


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CandyShell Card iPhone Case


A student ID is a staple in college—it gives access to dorms, serves as a payment form and can even help score discounts at stores and restaurants. It'll never be left behind once it's stored safely in this iPhone case that has room for three cards total.


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3-Piece Cosmetic Set


Store makeup, toiletries or even pens and pencils in these adorable pouches that are perfect for bringing to class or taking on a weekend getaway.


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Hashtag Pillow


Teens will make a memorable first impression when they get this clever throw pillow. #justsayin


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Magnolia Cupcakes


Celebrate this major accomplishment with cupcakes from one of New York City's most famous bakeries. Six chocolate and vanilla varieties with buttercream frosting include graduation cap and diploma decorations that'll add a sweet touch to the milestone.

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