How to navigate the driver's permit and driver's license, and teach safe driving.

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Driver’s Ed—for Parents of Teens

Holy brake pedal, your kid’s getting a license. Here’s what’s changed since you got yours.
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Get Your Vehicle Spotless Right in the Driveway

Sure, running the car through the local Super Suds will get you the quick wash you need before your mother-in-law pointedly side-eyes the grunge. But let’s be real: One upside of having teens is that you can get them to wash your car in exchange for whatever they’ve been nagging you about. Here’s how to make sure they do it right.
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Tips for Navigating Driving with Your Teen

A teen behind the wheel can make even a relatively easygoing parent freak out. For your sanity's sake, take the high road.
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Winter Driving Tips for Teens

Worried about your teen on the road this winter? Our expert from Chevy shares what your young driver should know.
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Driven to Distraction: Teens Behind the Wheel

Cell phones, music, partying passengers. With so much competing for teens' attention, it can be hard for them to stay focused behind the wheel.
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Teaching Your Teen Driver How to Avoid Distractions

Lecturing your teen on driving responsibly won't work unless you set a good example. Put a brake on those bad habits and your kids will follow your lead.
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Tips for Buying Your Teen's First Car

Consider this your license to chill about selecting the best starter car for your teenager. Here, the safest and best cars for teens as they hit the road.
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How to Keep Your Teen Safe Behind the Wheel

Driving instructors may teach rules and regulations, but parents impart responsibility. Make sure your kid is ready to hit the road before handing over the keys.
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