Your not-so-little baby survived Algebra II (it was touch-and-go there for a minute) and finally landed a high school diploma—now it’s time to celebrate. We grabbed inspo and supplies from L.A.-area party planners Wild Child Party + Supply to put together a graduation bash that won’t prompt eye rolls from you-know-who.

By Family Circle Editors

The Theme

Photo by Johnny Miller

The theme is Smarty Pants, because your kid is (a) college material now and (b) still a wisecracking back-talker. These big balloons literally spell it out for guests. 

Balloons, Cupcakes, and Cake

Photo by Johnny Miller

Balloons are a no-brainer, and you can up your game by adding tassels (trust us, they’re a social media phenom). Tie the fringy doodads from the string of an oversize balloon and you’ve got a Pinterest-ready party shot. (Balloons and tassels available in a Wild Child custom party box.) 

Cupcakes with 2019 sparklers make the whole display #lit. Golden number sparklers, $8 each

Sure, we’d never turn down a Costco sheet cake, but if you really want to do it up, go a step further with a tiered creation.

Color Scheme, Candies, Cookies, Confetti & More

Photo by Johnny Miller

Color Scheme

If you’re stumped on a color scheme, go for the school colors of your kid’s college. Notre Dame? Blue and gold all day. ’Bama? Roll Tide red and white. Plates, cups and napkins all get the color treatment—the ones in the Wild Child shop have metallic details in gold and silver. Dinner plates, $10 for 8; side plates, $8 for 8; tumbler cups, $7 for 8; large napkins, $8 for 16; small napkins, $6 for 18


Your cake gets all the more Instagrammable with a fluffy gold topper that’s customizable with names or numbers in a Wild Child party box. 


Embrace the chaos: Nothing says “PAAARTY!” quite like confetti poppers. Just have the cordless vac handy later, and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Bang, snap and pop confetti canons, $10 for 3


Classic candies (Smarties—duh, Mom) underline the smarty-pants message on tables and in bowls.

Cookies in the shape of pants are a hilarious way to keep the theme going.

Extra Credit

This party is one big shout-out to your kid, so you might as well have a couple decorations that give his or her name the banner treatment. Grab a custom “congratulations” piece from the Wild Child shop.

You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to take advantage of Wild Child’s serious celebration skills. Their custom party box (starting at $250) is a roundup of stuff shipped right to your door. You fill them in on some party details at their site they pick out the wares and pack ’em up. (No more last-minute freak-outs at the local Party Shed).