The end of the school year brings more stress, more field trips, more projects, more events, more of everything it seems. You're not alone.

By Katie Bingham-Smith
Photo by Getty Images

We are in the middle of Spring Break in my neck of the woods and many parents I know are using this week to rest up instead of taking a trip, filling up their schedule every day, or signing their children up for a camp, because we know what's coming.

It happens every year at the tail-end of school: The utter chaos. Every day there is a new form to sign, I'm constantly writing stuff on the calendar and putting dates, times, and reminders in my phone, and I still have a few things that always manage to slip through the cracks.

When the beginning of the school year hits, we are bombarded with open houses and curriculum nights. The struggle of trying to get our teens to wake up for school and get dressed is enough to make parents of the world want to throw temper tantrum every morning, and as soon as things get calm down a bit and we settle into a routine, the end of the year comes swinging in like a wrecking ball.

My daughter has a semi-formal dance on the last day of school and all her friends started getting dresses and shoes as soon as the holiday bills were paid off.

Teenagers don't just ask each other to dances any longer, either. No, there are proposals and elaborate acts which involve asking someone to attend a dance or prom with you by spray painting a car that's been adorned with dozens of flower petals and candy.

End-of-the-year projects are due, and if your students are anything like mine, they wait until the last minute to get that thesis or science presentation done because they work better under pressure.

Graduation ceremonies, and parties are being planned. The end-of-year concert and play rehearsals are in full swing, and for some reason, there seems to be about five field trips for each of my three kids taking place in the month of May.

I have no idea where they will be on any given day and pray to the heavens above that I remember to pick them up on time and give them what they need for each trip.

There are two overdue library books floating around my house that I am aware of and every afternoon when my kids get home from school, it seems like there is something to sign.

Mix all these events with teenagers who have spring fever that runs so hot it makes us all dizzy, and are tired of attending classes all day, you are left with a blizzard of activity happening, and all you want is to find a way out and have a weekend where you aren't trying to play catch up for the week.

I don't know how the teachers can deal with the energy the students bring to their classrooms every single day but it’s everywhere.

The end of the year is no joke and I know it's stressful for the kids, but parents and teachers have had enough by this point, too, which makes for a dangerous combination.

Summertime can't come fast enough and just know, if you forgot to order the graduation cake, or waited too late to go shopping for a dress or your child can't find anything to wear for a dance that she thinks is going to be the most important part of her life, or your teen reminds you as they are walking out of the house they need to be picked up at 6 pm because they are on a school field trip that completely slipped you mind, you are not alone.

My child just left the house wearing the school colors for spirit day and I'm pretty sure it's pajama day, but we are doing the best we can, and it will make for a great story later.

Is it the last day of school yet?