One mom is getting major backlash over an unfiltered Facebook post she shared about mom life. Kristen Hewitt revealed her honest thoughts while recounting a moment at the grocery store with her children. The post has since been shared 27,000 times and has over 6,000 comments.

In her story, Hewitt recounts feeling mom-shamed by a kid-free couple after they overheard her telling her kids, "You know I love you very much, but you’re REALLY annoying me today.” In turn, she felt judged by the strangers who overlooked and replied, “Well that was brutally honest.” The Florida mom has left many firing off about whether it's emotionally responsible to call your kid "annoying" up-front (because let's face it, most of us have thought and expressed it behind their backs at some point).

One user wrote, "Amen sister. Most of us moms know the feelings and can 100% relate. More encouragement and support, no judgment." Another wrote, "I honestly can't believe you would get this kind of backlash. You weren't being abusive. You were having a hard day as every mom and sometimes dad had with their kids. All of us (moms or not) sometimes say things that maybe aren't the nicest, and even then you were just laying down the law and being a parent!"

Not everyone on the thread had a supportive take on her words. "This may be an unpopular opinion, but I do speak from experience when I say this: being called annoying by someone you love with your entire heart and soul WILL cause self-esteem and/or anxiety issues. Please keep this in mind ❤❤ I've been there, and it sucks," one woman shared.

Motherhood is tough and you experience highs and lows. Everyone has their own parenting style and everyone thinks that their way is usually the best way to parent. The Florida mom shouldn't be solely judged by this meltdown moment while grocery shopping. Ralph I. Lopez, MD, recommends not jumping straight into judgmental comments towards kids. That means consistently listening in a calm fashion. Ask questions like, "So how did that make you feel?"

While Hewitt shouldn't be judged for having one of these moments, as a parent it would be safe to reflect and shift her attitude if she feels like it did have a negative impact on her kids.

What do you think? Is it okay to call your kids "annoying"? What have been some parenting lows you want to share in a judgement-free zone?