By Rory Evans

I used to think there was no better end to my day than lying in bed with a Law & Order rerun flickering in my darkened room. I love, love the cozy vibes of watching a police procedural in the dark! My husband, Jamie, of course, loathed everything about it—in case I need to enumerate them beyond how annoying that “chung-chung!” sound effect is to anyone hoping to sleep, he hated the dialogue, the light and the fact that my viewing could stretch well into the night, a readily available fuel for my insomnia.

But then one day, I got a Kindle Paperwhite—on the strength of its glare-proof screen for reading outdoors when my daughter was playing sports—and kept reading into the which point I realized the dim light of my Kindle gave me the same relaxing feels of the TV! But unlike the TV, which kept me wired, my Kindle lulled me to sleep. What’s more, Jamie is now a total Kindle convert. Most nights at 9:30, you’ll see two tiles of light in the dark of our bedroom—his reader and mine. In the morning, there they are in the sheets between us. And that’s something I could never say about Briscoe or Logan.