Teens today have no idea what college was like before online registrations, email, and message boards. One mom recently shared a hilarious text thread with her son in which she attempts to describe what college was like before the internet.

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Going to college in the early 1990s may symbolize the dinosaur age to your average teen (and even millennial). Kathy Torrence recently shared a now-viral text thread with her 20-year-old son who asked, "how did any of college work before the Internet?" “Like what did you do?”

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The 51-year-old explained that if a class was canceled, the professor would leave a handwritten note on the door. He replied, "You’d still have to wake up early and walk all the way in?” His mom kindly replied, "That is correct." We are pretty sure his mind was blown!

It's a totally foreign concept for young people to consider a time when you couldn't quickly reach out to a professor, get text alerts with updates, or even be on an email listserve. The pro about those times is that you got a lot more steps in and face-time with professors too, but no one can deny the convenience of modern-day technology.

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"Every generation thinks they know more than the last, then they turn 50-60 and go OH! Sadly, this generation is ignoring too many of the lessons learned in the past. Technology isn't the only form of communication," commented one user. Another wrote, "I remember going to class - the rule of thumb if there wasn't a note on the door, sit down! If the PROF or TA didn't show up for 15 min, then assume the class is canceled. It was not rocket-science." Real life!

What was your college experience like? Is it much different from what your kids are currently living?