These organizations are giving aspiring entrepreneurs a leg up and a business education.

By Ardenis Perez

Network For Teaching Entrepreneurs 

Helping youth from under-resourced communities reach their full potential, NFTE offers kids from middle school to high school age an Entrepreneurship Pathway program through schools and community organizations nationwide and globally. Both inside and out of school, they will first learn a healthy dose of business basics including exploring possible careers followed by courses on business planning and product development.  

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Available in over 150 communities nationwide, YEA! gives middle and high school students a start to finish experience. They will be able to generate a business idea, conduct market research, write a business plan, pitch their idea to investors and launch their own company. Students will even have the opportunity to sell their product at a trade show. 

Future Founders

What makes Future Founders stand out is their age-targeted programs. Students in middle or high school can join Discover, in-class workshops on how to think like an entrepreneur. They can also participate in out-of-school camps where they connect with like-minded peers and build app-based businesses. Millennials and college level students can participate in a residency or fellowship where they can network and participate in pitch competitions and meet other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Youth Entrepreneurs

This nonprofit provides an elective course to high school students where they are taught business through experiential learning executed in real market-based scenarios. With their YE Academy, students can also take advantage of events like behind-the-scenes business tours and listen to inspirational speakers. Other activities include mentorship and networking opportunities.