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How to Stop Snowplow-Parenting Our College Kids

When we snowplow-parent our college-age kids, we’re undermining their chance to learn how to be adults.
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It's World Emoji Day! Do You Know What These Emojis Mean?

Emojis are fun but it can be difficult to decipher their exact meanings within different contexts and nuances. Here are five commonly used emojis that can be confusing and aren’t always used in a literal way. As a general rule, don’t overthink emojis – sometimes people use them in confusing ways and it’s ok to just ask what they mean! ?
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How to Talk About (Even Embrace) Our Kids' Plugged-in Lives

Screen time is the latest parental obsession. But experts say there are ways to stop worrying. 
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Don't Let Your Kids Ruin the Family Vacay

The best been-there approaches to some of the most maddeningly familiar phrases uttered by teenage travelers.
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How to Create More Joy in Your Family & Stop Spreading Negative Energy

When you're overwhelmed with the endless day-to-day responsibilities of life, it's easy spread negative vibes to your family and focus on the bad instead of the good. For one mom, it took a near-meltdown in an Apple Store to realize this and turn around her behavior—and her way of thinking.
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