I grew up hating yogurt—both the taste and the consistency—but always wished otherwise because it’s such an easy, healthy, affordable grab-and-go food. Everything changed for me a few years ago when the Greek yogurt craze was in full swing. A friend suggested trying it and I said, “Nah, I’m just not a yogurt person.” Then she uttered these magic words: “But Greek yogurt is better. It’s like sour cream.” I’ve been hooked ever since. Eager to get my kids (9 and 6) on board for a quick breakfast option, I offered numerous brands and flavors for taste tests. Nothing hit the mark, though. For them the yogurt seemed too thick and, I think, too tart. Imagine my joy at learning Dannon has just come out with Danimals SuperStars Greek Lowfat Yogurt. From the first bite, my kids loved the fruity flavors, including Strawberry Banana Sprint and Cherry Rush, and the lighter, more mousse-like consistency. (I’m sure the colorful packaging appealed too. Hey, whatever works, right?) I’m psyched because each container packs 10 grams of protein. There’s also calcium and vitamin D, sugar is a reasonable 14 grams, and there are no artificial colors or flavors. Sold! Since we’re going through four-packs like nobody’s business, I’m hoping these turn up in 12-packs soon at my local BJ's. (Hint, hint, lest anyone at Dannon is listening.) For more info, visit Danimals.com.