And today is World Autism Awareness Day. If your child or someone you know is on the spectrum, check out these resources:

Funds research, increases awareness and advocates for people with autism and their families.

Addresses bullying, mistreatment and suicide prevention.

A social network connecting parents of kids with autism with 30,000 autism-friendly service providers.

Enables kids with special needs to express themselves through music, dance, acting and writing.

Links researchers with the autism community and encourages parents to get involved in scientific progress.

Plus, hear from real moms who fought for their autistic kids and taught them to be independent adults:

"How I Fought for My Autistic Son," by Joanne Corless

"Letting Go: How I Taught My Autistic Son to Be Independent," by Glen Finland

All month long, we'll be posting more dispatches from the ASD community. Find them all here.

Share your experiences with autism, or raising an autistic child, in the comments below.

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