So when I think of Ashton Kutcher, here’s what comes to mind: 1. Kelso on That ’70s Show. 2. Goofy pranks on Punk’d. 3. His obscenely overanalyzed relationship with Demi Moore (which flamed out anyhow). Inspirational? Umm, hardly. But on Sunday night, when he received the Ultimate Choice Award at the Teen Choice Awards, his acceptance speech was charming, heartfelt and, dare I say, uplifting. In acknowledging the millions of fans who made and have kept him a star, Ashton (whose actual first name is Chris, he revealed) offered up words of genuine wisdom. He recounted a bunch of basic, boring jobs he held as a teenager, pointing out that opportunities generally look “a lot like work.” He offered a personal take on being “sexy,” saying that being smart, thoughtful and generous is really what to strive for. And he wrapped with a pointed suggestion to actively build the life you want instead of just getting swept along in someone else’s. The 4-minute snippet of his remarks has gone viral, with well over 2 million YouTube views. It’s definitely worth watching—with your kids, if you can.

Watch Ashton's full speech.