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Hollywood's hot moms, dads, and kids spill about their lives, careers, and family relationships.

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Celebrity Q+A: Lara Spencer

The perky Good Morning America lifestyle anchor is such an early riser she can't see kids Duff, 11, and Kate, 8, in the mornings. But she makes up for it by being Super Mom when she's home.
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Celebrity Q+A: Madeleine Stowe

Who's behind the cold, conniving matriarch on ABC's hit show Revenge? A down-to-earth mom...and cattle rustler!
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Celebrity Q+A: Wendy Williams

On TV the talk show host is totally over-the-top. At home she dials it down with her husband and 12-year-old...but only a little.
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Celebrity Q+A: Jodi Picoult

In addition to penning 20 novels, the bestselling author has also written plays with sons Kyle, 21, and Jake, 19, and a YA book with daughter Samantha, 17. Creativity seems to be a family trait.
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Celebrity Q+A: Peter Krause

Just like his character, Adam, on NBC's Parenthood, the actor finds that being dad to real-life son Roman, 11, is a matter of trial and error.
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Celebrity Q+A: Olivia Manning

As mom to star quarterbacks Peyton and Eli, she's our First Lady of Football. No wonder she knows how to score a Super Bowl party touchdown.
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Celebrity Q+A: Judd Apatow

He's the funny guy behind Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. But his jokes usually bomb with daughters Maude, 14, and Iris, 10.
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Celebrity Q+A: Joel McHale

The Community star has proudly passed down his snarky sense of humor to sons Eddie, 7, and Isaac, 4, whether wife Sarah likes it or not.
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Celebrity Q+A: Charles Edward Hall aka Santa

Every day is Christmas for this jolly guy. Well, at least when he's onstage playing Santa in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. But his favorite job at home in New York City is picking out the perfect presents for son Blake, 19, and daughter Kate, 12.