This 42-year-old is one half of the dynamic duo on TV crime drama Bones. Offscreen he's real-life partners with wife Jaime in teaching kids Jaden, 9, and Bella, 1, the importance of family.

By Patty A. Martinez

Q. Father's Day is just around the corner. What's the best present you've ever received?A. Bella's still too young, but Jaden has made me some incredible cards, and Jaime once gave me a DVD of family photos set to music.

Q. How do you help out with the kids, despite your TV-star hours?A. I love bath time and putting the kids to bed. I'm never too tired to get up and make them breakfast, and I drop off Jaden at school every morning I'm not on the set. Even if I have only 10 or 20 minutes to spare, I'm spending them with my kids.

Q. What's one of their "firsts" you've missed because of work?A. Four years ago Jaden learned to ride his bike on vacation with Jaime in Utah while I was working in L.A. But she took a video of it, and the next day I saw him do it in person. I wish I could be with the kids all the time. I call to say goodnight, no matter where I am.

Q. Tell us about some memorable moments you've spent with them. A. It's the little things, like being in the pool or barbecuing together. I love taking Jaden to the Italian market to buy bread or riding bikes with him. As for Bella, I enjoy playing with her in the park, or just seeing her parade around in a new pair of shoes.

Q. What values do you and Jaime hope to instill?A. We want the kids to learn to be there for each other as brother and sister. Love for family should be the biggest priority in their lives.

Q. Speaking of family, your 10-year anniversary with Jaime is coming up. While you two have had some public ups and downs, you say divorce is not an option. A. We realized we have a special bond and that's the most important thing. We continue to move forward and have made Saturdays our official night to spend together, since it's tough to connect during the week. It's nice to have some time without the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Fast Facts

Fame game: Before playing an FBI agent on Bones, David starred as a bloodsucker on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Red-hot recipes: "Jaime and I love cooking and pairing food with different wines. Next up: learning how to make spicy Indian fare."

Picture perfect: "I have photos of my kids in my car, at work, on my night stand—all over the place!"

Rink rat: "My idea of 'me time'? Getting on the ice and playing hockey. When I'm out there I forget about everything and just have fun."

Team spirit: I was a ball boy for the Pittsburgh Steelers when I was young and also played ice hockey, so Jaden has grown up with those sports. And Bella yells alongside Jaden when they're watching a game and his team scores."

Daddy's little girl: "Bella's got me wrapped around her finger. Recently I was in tears on a flight to New York because I couldn't take her."

Originally published in the June 2011 issue of Family Circle magazine.