The perky anchorwoman turned daytime-TV host, 55, dishes about work as well as life offscreen with daughters Ellie, 21, and Carrie, 16.

By Patty Adams Martinez

Q. Tell us about Katie, your new syndicated talk show.

A. I actually get to talk! I have more than three minutes to interview a fascinating person or explore important subjects. On Today, my most overused line was "We're almost out of time."

Q. We hear you work out a lot. How do you fit it in?

A. I do something efficient like spinning—45 minutes and you're done. Other than being a sweaty mess, you feel like a million bucks!

Q. Do your daughters play fashion police when you're dressing for a date?

A. The other night they put me in black pants and a one-shoulder blouse. What a role reversal, right? It's usually the mom giving advice on what to wear—like me saying, "That skirt is too short!"

Q. The mantra I keep repeating to my girls is...

A. Make good choices. But I'm confident in them— they're better, smarter and more mature than I am.

Q. Your advice for parents?

A. Kids have to develop their own sense of identity, and that often means rejecting yours. Ellie's outgrown the teenage angst period, but Carrie's mortified by the way I chew my food, laugh, even breathe. Don't take it personally. But I admit I sometimes do!

Q. Who is your favorite celeb interview of all time?

A. I really admire people who are extraordinarily talented but also generous in interviews, like Beyoncé or George Clooney.

Q. Any personal secrets you can reveal?

A. I'm addicted to Scrabble and Words With Friends. I can play piano by ear. And I like hip-hop. Flo Rida, Pitbull and Drake are all on my iPod.

Q. What's been your proudest mom moment?

A. Ellie organized a cancer fundraiser at college and Carrie launched a benefit for the nonprofit Room to Read—in other words, when they're giving back.

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Family Circle magazine.