The perky Good Morning America lifestyle anchor is such an early riser she can't see kids Duff, 11, and Kate, 8, in the mornings. But she makes up for it by being Super Mom when she's home.

By Patty Adams Martinez

Q. You've said you're a night owl, so how on earth do you get up weekdays at 4 a.m.?

A. I try to go to bed when the kids turn in, no later than 98nbsp;p.m. If I don't, I really feel it. But you arrive at the studio and Reba McEntire's there, Jack Hanna has wild animals in the wings, Coldplay is warming up7mdash;and that's a typical day. It may be early, but the job is a ton of fun.

Q. Do you ever worry about how work cuts into family time?

A. The pressure to do everything right is intense, because you want your beautiful little babies to grow into wonderful adults. But I've realized I can't be the perfect mom. So I do what I can—like always making my kids breakfast on weekends or hanging out together for 45 minutes before bedtime, reading to them and talking about their day.

Q. And then you've got to squeeze in date nights with your husband.

A. You just have to prioritize, and we're pretty good about it. Even if we just go to the local dive bar and watch a game we have a great, great time. It's important to connect as adults and remember that we were here first.

Q. What's the best lesson you've taught your kids?

A. The one my mom taught me: do your best, and don't beat yourself up if you don't succeed. Kate and Duff aren't afraid to experiment and try different things, and I really love that about them.

Q. And they encourage you to do the same?

A. Up to a point. I've been told in no uncertain terms that I'm forbidden to dance or sing on TV. Sorry, kids, but I've gotta be me!

Q. What do you do for fun?

A. I'm totally addicted to garage sales. I go treasure hunting with Kate and always come back with new finds—lamps, mirrors, art, furniture. We have a two-car garage but can only fit one in there on a good day.

Q. Anyone you're dying to interview?

A. My cohost Josh Elliott got to talk with Channing Tatum, and I was very jealous because I am a huge

fan of his work in Magic Mike. Wink, wink!

Originally published in the July 2013 issue of Family Circle magazine.