The end of summer really brings out the Momster in me. Maybe it’s too much togetherness, but I feel as if I’m constantly carping at my kids—Why don’t you go outside? Shouldn’t you be further along in your summer reading? Did you get any exercise today? I need to remember what I learned when writing “Friending Your Teen.” The goal is to treat my daughters with the same respect I do my close friends. This doesn’t mean I scrap guiding them altogether. Someone has to teach them to write thank-you notes and pay more attention to their grandmother. But I can do a better job of loving them for who they are, instead of trying to mold them into perfect people. I don’t go around trying to root out my friends’ foibles, so why am I always so tough on my kids? Who cares if my oldest is a bit of a procrastinator? I know it’s going to be hard going against my instinct, but I’m determined to do my best. So here’s to accepting my dear girls as is, and maybe learning to forgive my own imperfections as well. By Mary Garner Ganske