Emojis are fun but it can be difficult to decipher their exact meanings within different contexts and nuances. Here are five commonly used emojis that can be confusing and aren’t always used in a literal way. As a general rule, don’t overthink emojis – sometimes people use them in confusing ways and it’s ok to just ask what they mean! ?

Flex ?

The flex or “flexed biceps” emoji shows an arm with flexed muscles. It may be used in reference to the gym, exercise, or strength. It can also refer to “flexin” which means showing off.

Example: I totally aced that test ?

Fire ?

In addition to representing literal fire, this emoji can refer to the slang term “fire,” which describes something that is good or awesome. The fire emoji can also indicate that someone is good looking or “hot.”

Example: These chicken nuggets are ?

Surprise Face ?

The surprise face or “face screaming in fear” can express fear, shock, awe, surprise, and other similar ‘OMG’ emotions. It’s not always easy to tell if it’s meant as a negative or positive reaction to something, and can indicate a mixed, but strong reaction.

Example: Did you watch The Bachelorette last night?! ?

Hug ?

The hug or “hugging face with hands” emoji is a cute way to represent a hug or general affection. It can be used in relation to platonic, familial, or romantic love.

Example: Miss you ?

Floating Eyes ?

The floating eyes emoji can be a way to express a wide-eyed reaction to something, to say “look over there,” “check this out,” or “wow.” It can also add an aura of intrigue or gossip to something. It can also directly replace the words “see,” “watch,” or “look.”

Example: Peep at John’s new car ?

Bonus Speed Round

100 points ?

  • Can be used to express pride or general acceptance of an idea. Often used in conjunction with the phrase “keep it one hundred”.

Detective ??️‍♀️

  • The detective emoji is generally used to point out that someone is sneaky or doing something in secret. It can also represent an investigation into gossip or drama.

Basic Palm Up ?

  • This emoji can represent someone flipping their hair, sass, sarcasm, or a woman in the service industry. It can also be a way to indicate that something or someone is “basic.”

Prayer Hand/High Five prayer ?

  • The emoji has varied definitions including hands praying, hands high fiving, be thankful or begging “please.”

Facepalm ?

  • This emoji is often used to convey emotions including but not limited to embarrassment, stress, and frustration. It’s the emoji version of “oof.”

Monkey See/Hear/Speak No Evil ???

  • ?can represent a “see no evil” or be used to show someone covering their eyes in reaction to something.
  • ?can represent “hear no evil,” someone covering their ears. Can also convey a sense of surprise.
  • ?can represent “speak no evil,” covering one’s mouth in surprise, or someone trying to avoid spilling a secret.

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