I have a slew of strategies for managing how much time my kids spend playing video games and plugging into the 24/7 smorgasbord of entertainment that is the Internet. Some – like setting time controls on my router and installing surveillance cameras to monitor the Xbox– are geeky. Others – such as taking cell phones away at bed time and bringing the cable modem to work with me – are old school. Still others – letting my kids show me how to play video games and negotiate the Internet, joining them in front of the Xbox or computer for game night, teaching them the value of a balanced life, and playing word games via cell phone – are instructive.

But I often wonder how parents who are less comfortable with technology manage this barrage of gaming consoles, cell phones, and other high-tech toys and kids who know how to use them. So I am happy to report that Scott Steinberg has made his book The Modern Parents Guide to Kids and Video Games available as a free download.

Steinberg offers his own brand of helpful tips on setting and managing house rules on technology use, choosing appropriate video games, setting time limits, and more. All you have to do is click to read it onscreen and start taming your game monster. You can also purchase a hard copy or Kindle version.

This is the first book in a series. Steinberg intends to cover all aspects of technology for parents.

Christina Tynan-Wood writes the Family Tech column for Family Circle, and is the author of "How to Be a Geek Goddess." You can find her at GeekGirlfriends.com.