They say some people are like an open book, but I never opened a book that was like a person. A person who made me feel as if she had been there - channeling my inner thoughts and feelings. But that is what I experienced when I picked up Glennon Doyle Melton’s “Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed”.  Glennon’s writing - as her legion of Momastery fans can attest to - is like a warm embrace. She shines that little light of hers over the whole wide mommy world, reminding us that it is OK - more than OK, our right - to be who we are, no apologies. And we as mothers matter. Because when you spend so much time focusing on everyone else’s needs, you often forget that you count too.  (A virtual show of hands, please.)

I had the pleasure of meeting Glennon right before she left for her whirlwind book tour and she was effervescent, authentic and funny - just like she is on paper, but better because she was real. We wanted all of you to have a chance to meet her too, so this Thursday at 1PM go to our Facebook Page  for a live chat with Glennon.  Join us!