I work in a cube so I do try to keep the noise to a minimum but when I got in a press release, "Should You Start Planning for Your Kids' Retirement?" I had to laugh out loud in a you-have-got-to-be-kidding way. I mean, I just really started being somewhat serious about my own retirement a few years ago. Now I need to plan for the boys'? Well, yes and no. This was also partly one CPA's clever idea of how to teach your kids—and yourself—about money.

Rick Rogers offers these suggestions, among others: Starting at  16, contribute $5000 year to a Roth IRA for your child. (Sure; right after I pay off the yacht. And Rutgers University.) Everyone should save at least 10 percent of take home. (Okay; this makes sense. Not happening--see RU, above--but something to aspire to.) Take half of what you have been spending on your kids' games and tech and invest in for the kid instead. (Now this is starting to make some sense.)  Get in the habit of saving something regularly rather than waiting for a big sum to show up.  (All right, I'm convinced.) So what about you? Are you preparing your offspring to continue living in style? I thought I was doing that just by sending them to college, but, hey, I could always be doing better, right?