When we see gorgeous faces on even more gorgeous bodies staring at us from glossy magazine pages, as adults we know they’re not real. We know that not even models can look that good. Yet that doesn’t stop us from thinking they’re beautiful. But if you’re an impressionable teen, these images fuel a desire to want to look just as perfect, or date someone who does. With trending conversations about the thigh gap (if you haven’t heard, ask your daughter), the time is right for this now-viral video. Created by GlobalDemocracy.com, it begins with a model at a photo shoot. After hair extensions, makeup, lighting and lengthy surgery at the hands of a very talented Photoshop engineer, it ends with the "perfect girl." The mind-blowing transformation we witness is a reminder that no one is perfect—a message Global Democracy wants advertising agencies to start mentioning when manipulating body images in ads. Make sure your teens and tweens (and even your husband, because he could use a reminder too) see this video.