Break-ups. Friendship falling outs. Getting passed over for a promotion. Even for us adults, dealing with disappointment isn't easy--and, in most cases, we've been there before and know what we need to get over it, whether it's time, support from friends and family members, or just keeping busy and staying positive.

But for a teen getting dumped by her first love or receiving a thin envelope from his dream college, the experience can be crushing--especially because it's something they've never dealt with before.

In "How to Help Teens Deal with Rejection," in Family Circle's March issue, writer Ashlea Halpern gets experts' advice on helping your kid through those social, romantic, extracurricular and academic letdowns that make them feel like their world is ending. Check out the full article here, then tell us:

What crushing disappointments have you helped your kids overcome? Would you have done anything differently? Share in the comments below.