Looking for something useful for your teenager to do this summer? Me too. Mine are both too old for most camps but too young to get a job bagging groceries or flinging burgers. And it’s starting to look like this is going to be another long summer spent arguing over how much time they should spend playing video games, sleeping during the day, and watching TV. So when the folks at Best Buy sent me an email suggesting I send my teen to a Geek Squad Summer Academy where they would learn to use technology to ignite their creativity, I dropped what I was doing to see if it was possible. Was it too late? Is there one near me?

It turns out I’d have to drive a prohibitive distance to get my kids into one of these. However, these camps have expanded since the first camp in 2007, when it was one city for 300 students. This year there are locations in more than 20 states serving  10,000 students. So there might be one near you.

The camps work with local outfits like the Girls Scouts and Boys and Girls Clubs to bring volunteer Geek Squad Agents to town to help demystify gadgets and inspire teens and tweens to be creative with technology. “The special expertise of our Geek Squad Agents makes them uniquely qualified to help kids learn and love technology,” George Sherman, senior vice president of Best Buy Services said in the press release. “We are excited to help foster our Junior Agents’ desire to use technology as a tool to help achieve the dream of becoming whatever you want to be.”

If there isn’t one in your area, you can submit a proposal to bring one to town. But there are still openings in lots of locations. Go to the Geek Squad Summer Academy website to find out if there is one near you. Then register your student or submit a proposal.

Christina Tynan-Wood writes the Family Tech column for Family Circle, and is the author of “How to Be a Geek Goddess.” You can find her at GeekGirlfriends.com.