The organization Sandy Hook Promise recently released a heart-wrenching back-to-school PSA featuring students preparing to protect themselves against an active shooter. The video premiered one day after democrats called for gun reform on the senate floor and has already garnered 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Sandy Hook Promise PSA video

"This PSA contains graphic content related to school shootings & may be upsetting to some viewers. If you feel this subject matter may be difficult for you, you may choose not to watch," the organization tweeted. In the clip, we see a girl wounded with a bloody leg as her friend says, "These new socks, they can be a real lifesaver,” as she bandages her injuries. There's no denying that the video is graphic and tough to watch, but it's also a raw and real take on gun violence and the safety of our youth.

The organization, which launched after Sandy Hook's tragic school shooting in 2012, has spent more than $2 million on ads aiming to educate and bring social awareness to this violent issue plaguing our society. "Know the Signs" is one of their training programs, taken by more than 7.5 million people nationwide. It provides resources, lesson plans, and activities to inform students and their parents about ways to prevent school shootings and violence in their communities.

Viewers have reacted strongly on Twitter. "The girl at the end BROKE ME! We have to keep the babies safe if we don't do anything else!" said one user. Another wrote, "This is what we've become. Teaching our kids to use school supplies to defend themselves against bullets fired from an assault weapon. God Damn shame America."

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