High school and junior high aren't what they used to be. Learn how to help your teen and tween find academic success by tackling homework problems, handling teachers and preparing for tests.

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More Parents Are Buying Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof backpacks seem to be a sign of desperate times. Parents, though, are trying to take all possible measures to ensure their child’s safety at school.
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Parent-Teacher Conferences I’ve Survived

When it comes to mortifying meetings at my kid’s school, here are some standouts. 
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Back to School Advice for Parents

Your kid is starting high school or—swallow hard—college. Experts share their advice on helping them crush (or at least survive) the frosh challenges. Here’s the ultimate freshman orientation (for parents).
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Cash In

Say goodbye to hawking candy bars and wrapping paper. Crowdfunding is the newest, easiest way to raise dough for your kid's school, community group or athletic team. Here's how four campaigns collected more than $65,000.
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Preventing Bullying

Early intervention is crucial, and parents play as important a role as teachers, coaches and principals when it comes to bullying. Learn the facts and smart strategies to protect your kids at school and beyond.