High school and junior high aren't what they used to be. Learn how to help your teen and tween find academic success by tackling homework problems, handling teachers and preparing for tests.



Make Over Your Kid's Lunch

Packing a healthy lunch that your kids will get excited about, and, more important, eat, is a real challenge.

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Back to School

Cool Back-to-School Supplies

Marble composition books? Yellow #2 pencils? Please. Fill your kids' backpacks with stylish (and affordable) gear that g...

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Back to School

25 Back-to-School Discounts

School's back in session and so are special deals for students and teachers. (Most discounts require an ID card or ...

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Fashion Supplies

Back-to-School: Stylish Backpacks and Bags Under $50

Get your kids back-to-school ready with these awesome (and affordable) backpacks, messenger bags and lunch totes.

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Teachers & Coaches

Adult Ed: How to Work with Teachers and Coaches

When to butt in, when to butt out. That's the dilemma when dealing with your kid's teachers and coaches. Do th...

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Back to School

Back-to-School Rx: Solutions to Your Problems

The transition from easy-breezy days of no school to homework-filled nights can be as tough for moms as it is for kids. ...

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Making the Grade: 10 Smart Study Tips for Students

When it comes to test-taking, what can you do to ensure your kids really know their stuff? (Hint: It's not helping ...

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Expert Advice from Rosalind Wiseman: Q&A: How Can I Solve My Child's Homework Problems?

Get teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman's advice on how to help your grade-schooler improve and gain control ove...

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