High school and junior high aren't what they used to be. Learn how to help your teen and tween find academic success by tackling homework problems, handling teachers and preparing for tests.



High School Dropouts: What's Being Done to Help Kids Graduate

Nearly one-third of all high school students in the U.S. fail to graduate on time. Help turn the tide by making sure you...

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High-Tech Cheating and How to Stop It

In an age of text messaging, cell phone cameras and online plagiarism, even the brightest students are cheating and taki...

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Testing the Limits: What Are Your Teen's Legal Rights?

In schools across the country, teens are challenging the decision-makers on free speech and privacy, drug searches and d...

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Expert Advice from Rosalind Wiseman: Q&A: How Can I Help My Teen Deal with Disappointment?

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on ways to discuss rejection and overcome sadness and humiliation with your teena...

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Take a Load Off: Backpack Tips

To lighten your child's backpack load, follow these tips.

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Teachers & Coaches

21st-Century Learning: Social Networking, Web Tools and Other New Technology in Schools

Web-based group projects. Teachers assigning homework via Twitter. The chance to cyber-connect with kids halfway around ...

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Clothes Calls: No-Tears Back-to-School Shopping Guide!

Our survival guide to shopping with kids saves you money and avoids squabbles.

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Test Taking Stress

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Help Your Kid Overcome Test Stress

Whether your kids are just jittery before exams or prone to full-blown freakouts, there are ways you can help.

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Healthy Breakfast Food: 5 Tasty, Store-Bought Picks

The right morning meal can boost your teen's brainpower. Stock up on these ideas for busy mornings.

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Decorating Teen Bedrooms: 18 Super-Cool Must-Haves

Turn your kid's mayhem into a hip mecca for study, sleep, or just hanging out.

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