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Send your kids back to school in style with the hottest school supplies, fashion, backpacks and other gear. Plus, we've got healthy breakfast, lunch and snack ideas, plus expert tips and advice about saving money on back-to-school shopping, dealing with health and safety issues and more.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences I’ve Survived

When it comes to mortifying meetings at my kid’s school, here are some standouts. 
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Back to School Advice for Parents

Your kid is starting high school or—swallow hard—college. Experts share their advice on helping them crush (or at least survive) the frosh challenges. Here’s the ultimate freshman orientation (for parents).
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Less Stress, More Success: Essential Back to School Apps for Parents

Easier parent-teacher communication and planning are at your fingertips with these new and improved back to school apps. Plus, a quick rundown of the best computers and gadgets for students.
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20 Back to School Tips from Teachers

Whether your kids are in elementary, middle or high school, these simple back to school tips from teachers will set them up for success—and make your life a whole lot easier.
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School Daze: Girl Power

Send the kids back to school in style. Cool kicks, trendy tees and A-plus accessories make the grade. 
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School Daze: Boys' Club

Send the kids back to school in style. Cool kicks, trendy tees, and A-plus accessories make the grade.
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Tablet Shopping for Your Teen

Americans ages 16+ read e-books on many devices, not just Kindles and Nooks but tablets too. Before buying your teen a tablet ask yourself these questions.