A new survey reveals that 25 percent of undergrads at top schools suffer sexual violent attacks and rape. Students from 33 prominent universities were among the students surveyed.

Eduardo Fonseca Arraes/Getty Images

The research conducted by the Associations of American Universities surveyed over 100,000 college students and found that 25.9 percent of female undergraduates confirmed experiencing nonconsensual contact and did not give consent before intercourse, while male undergraduates were at 6.8 percent. The organization collected data from several Ivy League’s, including Harvard, Yale, and Brown. The University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia and Washington University were also included.

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In addition, the survey found a significant increase from 2015 to 2019 in reported sexual assault cases and other sexual misconduct. The change noted was an 11.5 percent increase in reported cases among women and 12.4 among men. The #Metoo movement may be a contributing factor to young college students feeling more comfortable with reporting these experiences. Although, researchers found there's still shame involved and plenty of cases that remain unreported.

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“This is the largest college-based probability sample survey carried out on sexual assault and misconduct, and it is a testament to the commitment that America’s leading research universities have to fight these problems and improving the campus climate around these issues,” said AAU President Mary Sue Coleman.