Your teen’s obsession with the survival combat game Fornite may not be so bad after all.

This weekend, the game’s first-ever competition was hosted by Epic Games at New York’s Arthur Ashe tennis stadium. This was like the World Cup of Fornite! In a surprising twist, 16-year-old player Kyle Giersdorf beat out the pro streamers in attendance and won the $3 million grand prize, the largest payout amount for a single player in-game tournament. According to USA Today, he beat out 40 million players. "Emotionally, right now, I don't feel too much, except I know that this could pretty much change my life forever. It's just absolutely unreal,” he told ESPN.

The second-place winner Harrison "Psalm" Chang walked away with $1.8 million. Not bad at all! Hopefully these guys are saving their royalties for college and paying their parents back for sporting their hours of practice.

Would you let your child participate in a Fornite tournament? Why or why not?