A whiskey brand is stirring controversy with its latest product, whiskey pods that look like Tide Pods. The Glenlivet brand has just released whiskey capsules and it totally makes sneaking alcohol way easier #noglassrequired.

The 195-year-old Scotch whiskey distillery released a video describing the new product as “a collection of edible cocktail capsules made from seaweed, meaning no need for glass, ice or a cocktail stirrer.” The concept seems surprisingly similar to popular Tide Pods, and who can forget the 2018 idiotic trend of young people eating the detergent capsules for fun?

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The new packaging has people on social media wondering if this move is meant to appeal to Generation Z consumers. There's no denying that the branding is one-of-a-kind and unique in the marketplace, but it also strikes a resemblance to the laundry pods. An official social challenge hasn't been sparked as of yet.

The Glenlivet responded to word that they were trying to appeal to a young market.

"For adults" are the keywords. As parents, we all know capsules will make it easier for teens to sneak alcohol around. According to Forbes, each capsule contains about 25 milliliters of alcohol, which is about four to five teaspoons.

Do you think the marketing plan is meant to appeal to teens? Should they be pulled from stores?