A Florida teen, who recently suffered a collapsed lung, is speaking out about his experience smoking Juul products. 

Vaping may be marketed to youth as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but a Florida teen warns consumers that it may not be the case. Eighteen-year-old Chance Ammirata started smoking Juul about a year and a half ago and would consume one pod every couple of days.

On July 29th, he suffered extreme pain in his chest and was rushed to the hospital. “I woke up with a lot of pain. I couldn’t sleep on my right side,” he told ABC News. Turns out, Ammirata’s left lung collapsed and had to undergo surgery.

He wants to spread the word to young people. “I want to make sure my story is always out there. And that the change doesn’t stop. Every day we need to fight to help not only ourselves but the ones we love put down the nicotine. This epidemic has taken enough. We don’t need more evidence telling us just how bad it is,” he wrote.