The young actress opens up about her childhood and the rocky relationship with her mother. 

Bella Thorne is used to being vulnerable with her 20.7 million fans on Instagram, but she recently expanded to the masses with the release of her autobiographical book of poetry, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray,” which was released on July 23rd. In it, the 21-year-old gets candid about her life as a child star and her complicated relationship with her mother, Tamara.

Thorne landed stardom at the tender age of 13 on the Disney Channel’s hit series, “Shake It Up.” In her book, she opens up about having body dysmorphia, being sexually assaulted as a child and losing her biological father at the age of 8 and feeling unsupported by her mother during her difficult journey.

In her piece, “Love Note to My Mother,” she blames her mom for not loving her “properly.” “I hope you know we never learned how to love Or at least I never did. I learned love from you and daddy but since he was gone mostly from you… it’s very hard for me to love properly, to love someone good to me.” She goes on to write, “But what isn’t is this infinite undying love I have 4 you. Our relationship is f—ed up but I’m glad you are here.”

It seems like Thorne is still healing from her difficult childhood. Our takeaway as parents could be that it’s never too late to listen and try to make better parenting choices. Despite all of the issues, she has succeeded in life, which her mom should be super proud of. Hopefully they take time to heal as a family and realize that it’s never too late to make a mends.